Our objective: Corporate Business Automation.

Brief background:

The company started as the supplier of computing machines and software for corporate customers in 1998. The customers began to apply to us for software related services frequently. The specialists were requested not only to have system related knowledge, but also knowledge in the subject area the software intended for. In 2000, we signed the franchise contract with 1C company. We managed to obtain the essential competencies. The graduates of SUSU Computing machines department of 1996 formed the significant part of the team. Since 2003, the company rapidly develops its business related to management of electronic document flow with digital signature (EDS). The company's subscribers are subsequently getting possibility of electronic interaction with Federal Tax Agency, Pension Fund of Russian Federation, Social Insurance Fund, Federal State Statistics Service, Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, etc. The company has established the Certification Authority. Since 2011, you can obtain EDSs issued to tender (Sberbank AST, single electronic trading platform EETP Roseltorg, AGZRT, etc.). In 2008, we set up a development department for mass-market application creation from scratch. For example, in 2010 our development department put the "Link-Service: Online Reporting" into commercial operation. The company has office spaces in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, and Moscow. Many of the company's customers are located in the Ural Federal District , but recently the geography of the customers is expanding rapidly.

We're trying to be closer to our customers. Ask your question now and you'll quickly get response. If you want to ask a question not in working hours, please leave your contact details and we'll contact you as soon as possible. e-mail: avg@link-service.ru

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